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Low Income Glow with Niko Hallikainen

Text & performance by Niko Hallikainen

Video by Jarno Parkkima

Music: Body Cage - Basalt Pillar

A film companion for Niko Hallikainen´s performance ”Low Income Glow” which is a speech/sound performance piece by writer and performer Niko Hallikainen. The piece is centered around themes of poverty, eroticism, inferiority and spirituality in the context of a class society. Low Income Glow expresses impoverished desires as an agency that holds a silenced, subversive potential. The piece addresses poverty as an alienated conflict state through topics such as class guilt, envy of prosperous bodies, the horror of infatuation, love, nostalgia and unacceptable emotions within social spaces. Low Income Glow illustrates emotional maps that form an expansive societal route. The performance comprises and sensualizes how sexual desire, class differences and uncertainties unite in inner experience and shared reality.